Xforce varex problems

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Be apart of SAU Community by signing in or creating an account. Consider joining our newsletter for the latest content updates. Click here to register. By getyayayaoutFebruary 1, in Forced Induction Performance. There is a few threads about them, just search "Varex". When it is closed it runs like dogs balls but it does its job and makes the car silent when your in "sticky situations".

With it open its pretty fine. Maybe a slight loss of power but nothing you can notice too much. Havnt dynoed mine with the Varex. Lol you and your sound bad thing. Why do they sound bad? When they are open they are just a straight 3" pipe.

I admit i have only heard one rear muffler on my mates skyline and it is pretty quite even when fully open so i dont get why they sound bad. EDIT: Here, this is a video my mate quickly made one afternoon about 6 months ago and 2 minutes into it you can hear my car. I just put a HKS silencer in my exhaust, it does quiet it down a bit but does not change the note of it. Just the exhaust tone is rubbish.

I've heard them on a couple of cars now vs what they would sound like with normal straight through mufflers not cannons. I scrapped the mongrel 2. Went for 3" of mandrel bent mild steel from the turbo back with a resonator in the middle and one of these Varex twin tips on the tail. Massive improvement in low down torque now that I have some back pressure again and the engine feels alot smoother amazing how badly vibrations and sounds can resonate through the vehicle and make you think there's something wrong with the engine.

In closed position it's as silent as a factory vehicle, if not more. Power is pretty restricted when you're on boost in this mode It's not recommended you drive on boost with the valve shut but mine seemed to manage a few psi no problems - it just didn't pull as hard due to restriction of the air flow.

Not something I'd practice all the time but it certainly won't kill your engine if you somehow find yourself on boost. Drive it off boost and you won't notice the difference in power Can hear my induction note much more easily too.

Open position is not offensively loud and certainly doesn't sound defectable except for the Varex itself being an illegal item. It's actually a bit quieter than my previous cannon exhaust which never garnered cop attention itself. The exhaust note is pretty good: at no point in the RPM range from idle to would I call it shit. Just a sweet deep note with no riceyness to it and no horrible drones. It's really difficult to compare the sound before and after because I changed the whole system and not just the tail muffler.

This included ditching my decat pipe which gave the exhaust note an awesome raspiness at high RPM - no longer there due to having a high flow cat now. So all I can really say is that I'm very happy with the note it produces when open.


It's different to before but not in a bad way. Muffler tips look a treat, much better than a cannon.

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However a mate has had the same muffler on his R34 for a couple of years and the tips have now turned fairly dull - probably an idea to give them a polish every now and then or apply a high temp sealant.

Less costly than an off the shelf Jap brand and the functionality of stealth mode make it very worthwhile IMO.I had a twin 3" on my LS3, was reasonably quiet at idle and up to about rpm when driven normally before it got louder towards rev limiter. If you got stuck into it at any speed, it was loud The throttle body is the best noise restriction and best of all If you got stuck into it at any speed, it was loud oh ok, so your saying that by opening and closing the valve it wont affect the tune or do any damage to the engine coz thats one thing i was worried about?

No, I am saying a proper performance exhaust will not effect the tune. The Varex does, it alters the MAF sensor and is why it can drastically kill power in the shut position as it kills ignition advance and make the car use more fuel I am saying get a proper 3" exhaust and use your right foot to control noise levels.

They are a good bit of gear and do exactly what they're intended to do. Don't listen to Wraith he is a douche. As iamhappy46 said use your right foot as your volume. Why would you go spend money on a inferior system compare to the likes of KPM etc?

This, I think varex are a shit idea A good quality system will be quiet enough at idle and normal driving. Then you stamp on the loud pedal. Individual cars and driving styles will have different results but here is some interesting results while I was comparing exhausts. I have just been through this exercise on my VX Clubsport and have tried and compared the following before and after mods. Vehicle tests in order: 1. Completely bog stock with standard HSV twin system nothing outstanding of course.

Stock with standard HSV exhaust and the rear resonator removed and twin pipes installed Not much difference noise wise. DiFillipo cat back twin 2. X-force stainless cat back twin 2. Installed: Otr, larger throttle body, custom mafless tune, under drive pulley kit, mild cam, shift kitted auto etc and sounded ok with the DiFillipo system still quiet at idle but noticed cam 6.

X-Force stainless cat back twin 2. Re fitted the DiFillipo system, had the 2 mufflers removed and 2 hot dogs put in their place sounds great at idle and awesome note as the revs increase with no drone, gurgling or popping I am now installing new front pipes with high flow cats to see how that go's before finally installing the 4 into 1 extractors this will only be a rough guide as the extractors will be rather large for the standard head ports. X-Force stainless compared to DiFillipo black One interesting point is: where the pipes merge after the cats, the X-Force system has the sides of the pipe cut away where as the DiFillipo system only has roughly a 1" hole in it.

I know of people cutting this section out of their X-Force systems and running twin pipes instead which has made a difference in the exhaust note. Varex's are a waste of money. Get an exhaust made properly to start with and it will be loud enough, sound good and not be illegal. The last time he got done was 3 weeks ago and went and did a DB test at the local exhaust shop with the varex shut and passed.

So when the long dick of thd law busts your ass open for an exhaust being to loud you dont have to go swapping exhausts back over to stock. I think its a great idea with the way the cops are these days and hes never had a problem with his. Till they take a closer look see the varex then issue a defect notice and force him to change it. If his exhaust wasn't too loud in the first place he wouldn't have these issues. Officers ARE getting cluey and a lot know how to recognise Varex's and -will- defect you for them along with a noise defect.

I'm not a HUGE fan of xforce exhausts as a whole but man, the proof is in the pudding from all the varex's I've seen. They do what they are intended to do and do it well and are getting better.

I mean when I first seen my mates varex cannon a couple of years ago I was a bit shocked that all they use for the motors are universal electric window motors LOL.

If you have a BoostCruising account enter your user name and password into the yellow box. BoostCruising - Australia's 1 Automotive Community.Discussion in ' Australia ' started by YuvrajJan 4, Yuvraj Banned. Any thoughts on this exhaust????? Polystang Well-Known Member. Aus-MustangGT Aus I had an xforce system on my SS.

It droned and was a pain in the ass. Also in some states it is not legal to have a bimodal system unless it comes from the factory. We've got Magnaflow Comp cat back in the box in the garage, just need the car to fit it too! Polystang likes this.

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Aussie Mate Well-Known Member. BroncosXR8 likes this. Ozzistang Well-Known Member. Low cost and it will give it a better sound be deleting the resonator. Billca Well-Known Member. If you change the cat on the exhaust, it won't pass emissions testing. This un roadworthy, you have been warned. It is all good when nothing happens however when it does it could be a pain. Had my fair share of Modding dramas with my old xr6 Turbo.

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xforce varex problems

Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality. Im sure hes tried that haha. Why would there be an issue with opening and closing it? He closes it when he goes near a cop car or when going home late.

Hopefully its a small fix because that exhaust is epic on his car! I wrote up this thread as my batteries weren't dead, the remotes just suck! It shows you how to wire the Varex to a switch. Community Forum Software by IP. Board 3. Sign In Create Account. Forums Members. Welcome to SupraForums.

Varex exhaust valve playing up

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Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled. Varex exhaust valve playing up Started by michaelJan 21 AM. Please log in to reply. Posted 21 January - AM.Discussion in ' V8 5. Varitune vs Varex - review Discussion in ' V8 5.

XForce Catback with Varex Mufflers

I tried both and can compare the two. BBK Varitune axleback is cheaper and thus was my first option. BBK Varitune is nice but was louder than I wanted it to be with closed valve. I ended up driving it with closed valve only and even was having some buffles inserted in tips to make it a little quieter. Drone - the key to not having drone with this system is proper installation.

It is a clamp on system, so make sure you have enough overlap in all joints. Make sure you clamp it tight, make sure tips are not behind bumper cover but rather stick out as far as possible.

I reclamped mine. With proper clamping drone is very minor. You do not have to raise your voice or anything. That's driving with closed valves. People claimed that having different valve openings right vs left tunes drone out completely, but I haven't tried that as I did not want it any louder. After about three months I decided to give Varex a try after one of forum members claimed that closed valves equal to stock sound level.

That's what I wanted to begin with. Indeed, xforce Varex is really stock quiet closed valve which I really appreciate during cold starts in the neighborhood.

xforce varex problems

Open valve configuration is a tad quieter than closed valve Varitune. It's kind of what I was trying to achieve with varitune by inserting buffles in the tips. Varex costs more, but you also get an x-piped resonator and remote control which justifies the difference for me. Quality wise Varex is much better in terms of material and joints if that matters to you.

Varex is all shiny and reflective When one closes another on opens and vice versa. I filled in a support form and then tried to call them at their phone numbers but got no response whatsoever. I eventually decided to take a risk and swapped wires that connect to valve engine - that fixed the issue and I decided to proceed with installation. Flange joints guarantee no sound leaks, but that makes installation a little more difficult. I haven't weighed systems, but both feel lighter than parts they replace of the stock system.Having trialled one of their full engine back systems on our latest hp supercharged Mustang we are convinced that for those who want to unleash the maximum potential from their Coyote 5.

Available for the fastback Mustang with dual and quad tail pipes either of which can have remote control of the sound level. Exquisitely made in stainless steel with flang joints this replaces the entire OEM system from exhaust manifolds to tips.

This System not only improves the power of your Mustang, but also improves its sound with a pair of adjustable Varex Mufflers.

Close them when driving through a residential area to stay low key. Then open them up to let your coyote howl while speeding down the highway. X-Force Varex performance mufflers utilize a sophisticated internal electronic butterfly valve mechanism to direct the exhaust flow within the muffler.

The muffler now acts more like a straight-through muffler for a rich throaty race style exhaust note. In the closed position, the valve blocks the exhaust flow, forcing it through the chambered paths to produce a classic, mellow street friendly sound.

This unique design is perfect for personalizing the power and sound levels of your Mustang to suit your own specific needs. For those wanting a full performance system beyond a cat back upgrade we can now offer the ultimate system.

Enquires for fitting or parts only.

xforce varex problems

Clive Sutton are the UK distributors for Xforce exhausts. A Clive Sutton Company.Forums New Posts Search Forums. Contact Us. Log In Register. Search Titles Only.


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Log In. Sign Up! Register for an accountit's free and it's easy, so don't hesitate to join the KIA Stinger Forum today! JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. XForce Catback with Varex Mufflers.

Thread starter Gekkie96 Start date Dec 18, Gekkie96 Member Dec 18, Just ordered the XForce Polished stainless steel catback system with twin 2. Will share videos and sound once installed. K8AR Member Dec 18, Excellent buy, keep us posted once you get the order and install.

I like the way this exhaust sounds. This is an absolute bargain; a bimodal system equipped with mid pipes. For most brands, it would cost over double to mix and match a bimodal catback with a set of mid pipes which are the more important factor in this equation.

xforce varex problems

Great find. Keep us posted with sound clip. Would sound mean AF with a cat delete. In for your install review. Triumvph Member Dec 19, Gekkie96 Member Dec 20, Thread Starter 7. It may not be the best sound quality but I will see what I can do.

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