Soloable legion raids

Raids need to be at least 11 levels below in order to enable the internal buff. Some can be soloed. Some do too much damage to survive.

soloable legion raids

Some bosses have mechanics that require others. Relics rings, necklaces, trinkets. Mainly going in to finish the raid quests, and farm mounts. Most lfrs should be fine. However some bosses like the first in tov will be impossible maybe with water elemental? Normal may be a little trickier due to the greater hp and damage.

soloable legion raids

Non-self healing toons like mages are gonna have a harder time than most. I say that as someone who has a mage. That train has left the station. In normal difficulty. We where able to full clear rmerald nightmare, trial, and nightwell pretty easily. We where able to beat all but last 3 bosses in tomb. But certain boss do alot of damage and it wasnt easy. But give it a go.

Given the rng of forced personal looy its not really worth it. Best option is to make a small group for legion stuff. Because some people want the 10 ilevels. It may not be a big deal, but to some, they like the idea of starting out with a better weapon. I see your point in that not many would do this… but some will.

You mean the difference between entering BfA content at with an ilvl of or is immaterial? Because there is no difference between a weapon with an ilvl of or or higher?

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I go by what I see. Perhaps your experience was different. And I had a character in Antoran Wastes when the RL was trying to put together a heroic group in general chat.

Going to try soloing Legion raids Community General Discussion. Anything stopping this toon Ilvl Mage from soloing any Legion raids? But, go try it out and report back! Depends on what difficulty to. Of course Blizzard is going to leave in Relics. Why would s do them though? Get an Heirloom weapon that scales tothere goes your Artifact Weapon.

Can buy BfA green rings and necks on the AH.Which mythic raids are soloable now, at lvl with a fairly decent ilvl? I want mostly to farm WoD raids for transmogs and titles. You get some sort of legacy buff in old content which makes you damage millions to mobs and bosses up to warlords of draenor legion raids presumably gets this buff when shadowlands releases.

You may want to check it out before attempting. S: Siege of ogrimmar in pandaria has some troublesome bosses if you are not prepared for it, but once you know the trick they were easy to solo too. Do you destroy the vehicles and pick up the glowing crates and run to the cannons with 'em? That boss got nerfed not so long ago.

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Eventually war machines will spawn. If you kill them, they will drop a shiny box.

They glow green. Pick them up and run back to one of the big turrets. The turrets will start shooting the actual boss. Do the trick with the boxes times, while keeping the turrets alive not hard, but some movement speed abilities are nice to have. Keep rotating which turret receive a box for the best results. Yeah know the tactics. Can just be tricky to be quick enough, especially with a slowmo like a lock or holy priest. If movement is an issue invest in some movement speed potions they are nice to have anyways.


You should not run around that much really. Just between the two turrets and the warmachines. In fact the only time you should die on that encounter is if it bugs you and kills you with the drop.

Soloable raids Community General Discussion. You could solo WoD raids in Legion already, so go right ahead and nuke 'em. He said WoD raids. Any tips?! Which is the first boss to you? Will i be able to Solo play a violin next expac? Seed or Phantom Singularity. All raids are soloable on mythic as far as in my case Nythendra of legion WoD.

soloable legion raids

Those have been soloable since bfa launch.I am not a newb, but I am having trouble here. I am trying to get the Dark Iron Dwarves and the Kul Tiran stuff done, plus just complete some of my quests.

I was going to try and solo because I have done that for other expansions at max level. Unfortunately, it seems not possible on my hunter. Even tried it on my Demon Hunter. Both max level characters. My question is this, am i doing something wrong or is this just not possible.

If it is, can someone give me some advice on another class. I would run with others, but it seems that whenever I have time to do these dungeon runs, no one else is queued. I do not currently belong to a guild, so I can not go that route either. Oh and right now I am on Bleeding Hollow server.

Have you tried queing for dungeons or are you against any sort of group content? Generally no one outside a few tank classes can solo current dungeons until near the end of the xpac when when everyone is crazy overgeared. Actually BM hunters have always been able to solo content fairly easily. It was pretty common last xpack for people to solo Mythic Karazhan for a chance at the mount!

But agreed, other than that it is normally just tank classes! Thanks for the responses. Not against group content, just would prefer not to group with random people I do not know at all.

I have had some bad experiences in the past, so I like to group with a guild or friends. But, as a I stated previously, whenever I have time to do these dungeons, no one else is queued. I guess many people have friends or belong to guilds. So, soloing BFA dungeons is not possible? That kinda stinks, since to get the dark iron dwarves and finish preparing the Kul Tiran rep stuff, you need to run dungeons.My Account.

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Recent Blue Posts 8 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Soloing old raids in BFA.

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As the stat squish is turning an exponential power curve into a more linear one, even if they squish monsters at the same rate as same level player characters, they will still be MUCH stronger compared to a max level character. Will it stay this way when BFA goes live? Will Legion raids ever be soloable? I can't imagine Blizzard or their player base is really ok with this given the huge backlash in 7. Any info? Reply With Quote. We will find out on reset day. This has always been a problem with scaling and it is always resolved.

Don't worry about it. Yeah, going by what happened last time, I fully expect TONS of bugs and un-squished abilities causing lots of old content to be unsoloable or much harder at than they were atand they will slowly fix them all. I think the devs do realize that soloing old content for cosmetics is a pretty big part of the game for many players, so they won't toss it in the garbage.

We had lots of issues with the Stat squish last time they did it, but it all got fixed eventually. I think last time mobs had too much HP so they nerfed the Hp and slightly reduced player damage. Can't recall for sure, this was almost yrs ago now. I suppose just trusting that Blizzard will fix it eventually is the most reasonable manner You will be able to do that, but occasionally you'll run up against a boss or even trash mob from 3 expansions back that one-shots you. Think of it as a neat surprise!

Originally Posted by Schizoide. A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon. Originally Posted by Triggered Fridgekin.

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They generally wait until the pet achievement meta comes around before fixing content which is mechanically impossible to solo though. Originally Posted by Thrif. What mechanic did they change with pet achievement that was unsoloable before?Shadowlands LiveStream Recap. Official Returning Player's Guide.

Other related subreddits. Frequently Asked Questions about Shadowlands. Frequently Asked Questions. Classic WoW Edition. Discussion Solo Mythic Legion Raids? Is it possible to do Legion Raids solo? I know some of the later ones such as Antorus because the mechanics will be too difficult. It basically works like that for raids that are over 10 levels below your level so WoD currently. You get all of the raid drops.

I didn't actually know that which is useful, but it still doesn't make sense considering it's not longer current content. Oh well. Antorus and Nighthold are the only realistic ones because they don't have instant kill or tank swap mechanics in the first few bosses.

But are the raids possible with a minimum of 2 people or how many would you realistically need do you think to do the hard mechanic base bosses? I'd say a group of people would be solid.

The felhounds need to be separate from each other. Antorus has aggramar, who one shots people if flame rend isn't shared. Unless there's a way around that. Eonar on mythic literally has an instant wipe mechanic if you don't get up on the ship with 3 people.Shadowlands LiveStream Recap. Official Returning Player's Guide. Other related subreddits. Frequently Asked Questions about Shadowlands. Frequently Asked Questions. Classic WoW Edition. Nighthold will probably be fine aswell in terms of damage and survivability.

The issue gonna be unavoidable raid mechanics. For Heroic Emerald Nightmare are you able to get to Cenarius?

The 5 Best Raids to Farm for Gold in WoW

I can never click on the seed in the middle. I know this is like two months old now, so apologies if you no longer care, but this has been an issue for quite some time and I encountered it myself a few months ago.

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I haven't heard anything about Blizzard fixing it, so in case not, I'll post the method that I found and was able to actually complete it multiple times with. You'll want to follow a specific kill order. This means you may also need a fresh lockout, as killing bosses in the wrong order can cause the middle to remain shut. I suspect, though have not tested, that you could simply have a friend create a group, enter the raid and then run in after them and use their lockout.

You won't get any more loot from defeated bosses, but you should hopefully be able to make it to Cenarius and past. All right, this is the order that worked for me: 1: Nythendra, naturally. Strictly following that order has allowed me to clear the Emerald Nightmare several times without having any issues since first trying it. I don't know if it's strictly necessary, but I also avoid talking to Malfurion at all until it's necessary although picking up the quest should be fine.

I hope Blizzard has actually fixed this and this post is nothing but a waste of my time, but I have some real doubts about that and figured I'd spread this around so that, if it remains broken, hopefully others can find this and actually get the raid cleared.

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Also, have fun with Ursoc on Heroic or higher LFR probably. Normal is iffy as mechanics are still in play and there is no aura scaling. Such as in WoD raids. Damage values were definitely lower in LFR. But health pools did tend to be high vs small normal groups.My Account. Remember Me? Need an account? Register Now. Recent Blue Posts 8 hours ago. Recent Forum Posts PM. Thread: Soloing Raids in Legion. Soloing Raids in Legion Hiya all, I was curious what peoples opinions were on the way things seem to be shaping up for soloing things in legion.

Specifically--Do you think lock tank with GoSac is going to be an option? Aff or Destro, if so? Reply With Quote. On live GoSac is fine for everything really, maybe a few bosses in ToT could use GoSup Horridon, etc ; not sure what exactly you're asking. Every expac more raids become soloable naturally, right now it's up to and including ToT maybe even some SoO bosses, haven't tried.

If you're asking which raids will for sure be soloable in Legion and what talents will be used, that's pure speculation and not really an issue which is on peoples agenda right now. You can actually already solo at least one WoD boss as warlock, Oregorger, but that's mostly because you can cheese the fight super easily as affli with drain life.

It just takes forever. Honestly i just miss clothie tanking while healing myself through drains and while i prefer lock i was more trying to guage rather to make my legion ranged lock or spriest. Originally Posted by Raji. To change course, does destro aff or shadow have any raid utility? Spriest has Vampiric Embrace and Mind Control, Lock has gate, a bres and healthstones if nothing is better.

The healing from having drain life as afflic's new filler is a sizable amount of healing. That said, we won't have much of a clue on soloing until tuning is done or more importantly the other two spec become playable. Signature by Winter Blossom. I'm betting Affliction will be the solong spec. But dont count out Demo. Originally Posted by Harsesis. Originally Posted by dholland Originally Posted by Coffeh.

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