F23a1 build

Not only does it have an aluminum or iron open deck block but it also has an aluminum or magnesium cylinder head. These engines are mostly in smaller vehicles and give just the right amount of power. This engine is very popular in places other than the US. They have been used quite a bit in places like Europe and Japan.


These engines have won a few competitions, including the F18B winning the 1. You may not realize it, but many of the smaller Honda models that you see probably have one of these engines in them. There are many different engines in this series, including the F20, F22, and F20Z1. Some of the cars in each engine category are below. Keep in mind, there are subcategories to each of these.

Most of these are in the Honda Accord models but there are a few other random Honda models that have them.

f23a1 build

Regarding problems, the engines in the F-Series have had their fair share of issues. Most of these problems have been issues for the majority of the engines in this series.

f23a1 build

For starters, these engines have a lot of the same problems that plagued the Honda H22A. These problems are high oil consumption, oil leaks, coolant leaks, and a complete loss of power.

These are pretty easy fixes, and the causes will be listed below. Another problem that these engines experience is that the engine can sometimes run unevenly. The main reason this engine experiences that is because of a faulty idle air control valve. As always, if you feel like something going on with your engine, get it checked as soon as possible so you can try to minimize the damage that is done. The F-Series of engines has started to become extremely popular in the Honda tuning community, especially for swapping into older Hondas like the EG.

The biggest problem with swapping an F-Series into an EG, for example, is mounting the engine in the vehicle. This makes mounting, axle shafts, gearing, transmission parts, and more, much easier to find. Of course, the typical intake and exhaust modification do help the F-Series make more power.

For a street car, simple bolt-ons and a quality tune will be more than enough. So I own a 97 Accord Ex Sedan. The problems i read that and F series engine has are all over mine. Leaking coolant and oil with a rough idle.

It is 4cyl VTEC.Mark Forums Read. User Name Remember Me? Read this before asking about doing a Frankenstein build! It seems that nearly every week someone on the forum asks about doing an H22 or H23 head swap onto their F22A block.

Or an F22B1 head swap onto the F22A block as an upgrade. These and many other scenarios are questions that have been answered VERY thoroughly for way too many times. The reason is that people refuse to search and just assume that their idea is original or just don't care if the information is already out there.

I want to make this page for the sole purpose of having a link to give you in response to these requests that will undoubtedly continue to pop up. Do you actually have the ability to pull off a basic engine rebuild? If not then you don't need to be dabbling in mating parts together that were not intended for each other. Start off with something more up to speed.

If that's the case, stop. You haven't thought about this.

F23 VTEC Specifications

You're in shortcut mode because you think that the system can be beat for a couple hundred dollars. The few people who have had success with these combinations didn't do it because they wanted a cheap way out. Many more variables are against you here as will be discussed later. Most often this is trying to mate a block and head of different bore sizes. I made a crude image in MSPaint to show what's going on when you want to try putting a head for a larger bore engine on the block.

This is to create the most effective burn because more of the mixture CAN be burned. In the second picture there appear to be two spots at the bottom of the combustion chamber. Since this is 2D I could only show it as a cutaway. That is actually a circular "pocket" of air that runs the circumference of the combustion chamber at the bottom. That space allows for turbulence to be created inside the combustion chamber instead of all of the mixture being directed toward the spark plug.

The absence of material directly above the edge of the block deck also results in a more acute point.Forums New posts. What's new New posts New media New media comments Latest activity. Media New media New comments. Members Registered members Current visitors. Log in Register. What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding.

f23a1 build

Thread starter mjozeph Start date Nov 17, Is it possible to build a F23A1 engine. And if so. Were can I buy performance parts thanks.

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BrutalB83 Brutal Moderator Moderator. It's possible to build almost any engine, it's just a question of what your budget is. What exactly are you looking for in terms of parts? G23 build f23a1 block with a h22 head. Hey guys i have the f23a1 too not really wanting to turbo but i'd like to build a little more compression but i cant find any parts for it any help would very much be appreciated.

You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.This engine was used for the Honda Accord 1.

The F18B2 won the 1.

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This engine also spawned many variants, according to market, but the specs remain largely similar. All the models that came with the F20B3 had a 5 speed manual gearbox. Also the Rover i This engine is the low compression brother of F20Z1. This engine was used in the same models like F20Z1. Aside from differences in tuning, these engines are substantially similar. The LX and EX engines produce less than 0. In California, the Accord EX with the available automatic transmission will produce less than 0.

The five-main bearing block is high-pressure die-cast from aluminum alloy. The walls of the block extend below the centerline of the crankshaft, which helps stiffen the bottom end. FEM Finite Element Method computer analysis was used to arrive at optimum thicknesses for the block ribs and walls in order to minimize engine vibration.

Additional bottom-end rigidity comes from a larger, stronger bearing-cap beam that ties directly into the cylinder-block skirt. An aluminum-alloy stiffener has been added between the transmission case and the block, just behind the bearing carrier. The stiffener serves to tie the block and transmission together into a single, reinforced unit. FEM was also used to design this stiffener so that it would not only stiffen the area, but also help minimize high-frequency engine vibration.

Finite-element analysis of the Accord's piston design by Honda engineers yielded a new ultra-short, lightweight skirt design, which is very rigid and resistant to vibration and piston slap. Like the V-6 engine the pistons are gravity-cast aluminum alloy and utilize full-floating wrist pins in order to minimize noise.

The engine's drop-forged single-plane steel crankshaft and connecting rods have been designed to be stronger and operate with less friction, much like the V-6 components.Forums New posts.

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f23a1 build

What's new. New posts. Log in. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Thread starter cardigit Start date Jan 22, Either way, it wouldn't be worth it. An h23vtec would be much more worth while if you look at it like that.

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Still not worth it in my opinion. Usually it's micellaneous sensors and other things like that. The blocks are defenitly not interchangeable and would require too much work. It's like me trying to put a GSR head on a 1.

Dropping the F Bomb - F22A Motor Build

Just stick with the complete engine or at least try to stay in the same series. DesertNightEagle Senior Member. Just get a full h22 engine from say Originally posted by cardigit Feb 5AM well, if you gonna go turbo on a h22, you better off with this set up.

You will have to either weld it together or connect it with rubber hose Also, you sorta mentioned the exhaust manifold in the head cost, but typically, if you buy an H22 head, it won't come with an exhaust manifold.

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I'd also be interested to know what the lifespan on one of these guys is. It doesn't look like sam1am26 has even gotten it running yet, so that's out. The way the headgasket sits on the block makes me a little nervous, too On the related note of lifespan So, if you want the full potential of the H22 head read: 8 grand rev limityou're going to have to upgrade the internals of the block to handle that kind of limit.

Otherwise, this setup stock is ONLY good for turbo, as you'll be wasting the potential of the H22 by only revving to 7 grand. This all leads me to believe reckedracing's statement of this being a rather stupid idea, when one could just have an H22 instead. Also: mentioning boost in that second-to-last paragraph reminded me P13 cuts at ? You must log in or register to reply here. This site uses cookies to help personalise content, tailor your experience and to keep you logged in if you register.

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By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies. Accept Learn more….Last month we announced a big engine build-off between ourselves and some select Source Interlink titles as part of Castrol Syntec's Top Shop Challenge, where each magazine gets to pick an engine and engine builder of choice to see which one will make the most power and maintain its longevity while on an engine dyno.

Think we're outpowered? Well, we are, but that doesn't mean we're not going to put up the good fight. Bisi Ezerioha is a champion when it comes to tuning these engines, and other single cam Honda powerplants.

His expertise has won him numerous drag racing challenges and long lasting engine configurations. This month he drops knowledge on the basic outline and battle plan for our engine in the months to come. To most every day people, it's a very lackluster platform that only grandmothers seem to appreciate.

In stock form, it puts out hp but believe it or not, because of its superior head design, we'll be able to pull some astronomical figures.

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We want to show that you can pick up an engine for next to nothing, not have to spend a million dollar on it and make some great power. It's an alternative to running a K-series or B-series motor, and it's also very reliable. What's the appeal to using a single cam? Well, as you know, I started racing with a single cam D-series because of cost.

I ran It didn't make power that was superior to theirs but it accelerated like there was no tomorrow - and if you know, acceleration in drag racing is the name of the game.

You can have exotic lift and duration. With our high flowing head and block configuration, it's going to be a win-win situation. All you need then is a little bit of compression and a camshaft and you can run good power, reliably. Nobody would ever consider an Accord engine, which makes ours a perfect underdog.

To date, the fastest F22 I've ever built for my own race car makes hp to the crank. The Bottom End We'll be using Golden Eagle to do the sleeve work on our block with ductile iron sleeves that will be strutted; the strutted nature of these sleeves is very critical.

As opposed to an open deck, it's about as close to a closed deck as you can get without any heating challenges. If you look about a quarter-inch down from the deck surface, you'll see these pillars that help stabilize the sleeves. At high rpm, you don't want your sleeves to move around, which can cause leakage between the head and gasket. A strutted sleeve will not only stabilize but it will keep the compression within the cylinder walls, in the engine where it belongs.

A closed deck will just give you heating problems that are unnecessary. Pistons will be from Arias with ceramic barrier top and friction-reducing, molybased coating on the piston skirt.

The ceramic coating on the piston dome helps to keep the heat inside the cylinder where it belongs, so that when the explosion occurs from combustion, you don't lose that heat to the surroundings.This is the largest engine of all Honda F-series, which was released in and was named F23A. It was developed based on F22A open deck cylinder block, but the cylinder bore was increased to 86 mm. A 97 mm crankshaft was also installed into the block.

The cylinder block deck height remained unchanged — To fit the new crankshaft into the old block, shortened rods with the length of mm were used for F23A, and lightweight pistons with reduced compression height of 30 mm. That was enough to get 2. The valve diameter remained the same as in F22A: 34 mm intake valves and 29 mm exhaust valves.

The camshaft is rotated by the timing belt, and its replacement is required after every 60, miles. When the timing belt breaks, valves in the engine get bent. The valves are to be adjusted after every 25, miles. Valve clearances for a cold engine are as follows: intake valves 0. The firing order on this engine is Honda also released another very similar H series of engines, which included the H22 and H The Honda F23A engine was installed untilthen it was replaced with a more modern 2.

Its power was HP 5, rpm, the torque was Nm 4, rpm. F23A4 was an analogue to F23A1, but oriented to higher environmental standards. This motor had modified intake and exhaust manifolds, and a different ECU. This reduced the power to HP 5, rpm, the torque was Nm 4, rpm.

You can buy a Honda Accord with an F23A4. It affected power, it dropped to HP 5, rpm and the torque of Nm 4, rpm.

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