80s hip hop

It took some time before artists actually started recording and releasing music, but once they did Hip Hop quickly grew into the most dominant cultural movement in the world. Also read: Greatest Hip Hop Albums — The best and one of the most important Hip Hop albums ever.

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Enough said. An album that established Hip Hop as a musical genre that was there to stay. Filled with unforgettable tracks and Hip Hop anthems this album is a must-have. Innovative and hugely influential — this cooperation between De La Soul and producer Prince Paul is truly a landmark album in Hip Hop and music in general.

This album introduced the skit to Hip Hop albums; and although skits more often irritate than add value, on this album they work. The whole album is consistent and all the songs are awesome — no filler tracks here. A flawless album from start to finish, filled with dope tracks. This album was a game-changer; for better or for worse.

It influenced and changed the direction of Hip Hop, producing countless clones for decades to come. This is one of the greatest and most important debuts in the history of Hip Hop and LL Cool J is one of the all-time greats. This album truly is sampling heaven.

They were never afraid to reinvent themselves and stretch and cross genre boundaries, while at the same time keeping it real. This album would be the one to change the direction of Hip Hop. Going for rock-infused, stripped-down, hard beats and a new kind of emceeing, it was game-changing in more ways than one.

80s hip hop

A great prelude to even greater things to come. The new standard. This album was produced by Marley Marl at the peak of his powers and is a definitive Hip Hop classic. On the heels of the explosive success of N. The D. Rakim raised the bar of emceeing to a level few ever approached.British hip hopalso known as UK rapis a genre of musicand a culture that covers a variety of styles of hip hop music made in the United Kingdom.

Toasting and soundystem culture was also influential in genres outside of hip hop that still included rapping - such as grimejungleand UK garage. InThe Times described British hip hop's broad-ranging approach:. As in the US, British hip hop emerged as a scene from graffiti and breakdancingand then through to DJing and rapping live at parties and club nights, with its supporters predominantly listening to and influenced by American hip hop.

Unlike in the US, the British hip hop scene was cross-racial from the beginning, as various ethnic groups in Britain tend not to live in segregated areas, even in areas with a high percentage of non-white individuals. Such places allow youth to share culture with one another, including musical genres such as hip hop. Cross pollination through migrating West Indians helped develop a community interested in the music. The integration of sound systems represent a distinct British Caribbean influence.

Sound systems allowed for powerful syncopated bass runs and the ability to bring this sound to different venues creating a club culture. McLaren even included a song referencing the ' Double Dutch ' dance that was popular among breakdancing crews in New York at the time.

Although record labels began to take note of the underground scene throughout the s and s, radio play and publicity were still a difficulty in helping the fledgling scene to grow, and the scene only managed to survive through word of mouth and the patronage of pirate radio stations around the country.

British hip hop in the s was not just confined to music and break-dancing, but also involved the spread of New York City-style graffiti — another integral element of American hip hop culture — to London and other UK inner-city areas, both on walls and trains.

The most direct influence was, however, on graffiti painted in London Underground trains. Teenagers from inner London and other European cities who were into electro-hip hop and had family and other links to New York City had by the mids taken up some of the traditions of subway graffiti and exported them home, although legendary New York writers like Brim, Bio, and Futura had themselves played a significant role in establishing such links when they visited London in the early-to-mid-'80s and 'put up pieces' on or near the west London end of the Metropolitan Line.

Almost as significantly, just when subway graffiti was on the decline in New York City, some British teenagers who had spent time with family in Queens and the Bronx returned to London with a "mission" to Americanize the London Underground through painting New York City-style graffiti on trains.

These small groups of London 'train writers' adopted many of the styles and lifestyles of their New York City forebears, painting graffiti train pieces and in general 'bombing' the system, but favoring only a few selected underground lines seen as most suitable for train graffiti. Although on a substantially smaller scale than what had existed in New York City, graffiti on London Underground trains became seen as enough of a problem by the mids to provoke the British Transport Police to establish its own graffiti squad modeled directly on and in consultation with that of the New York City MTA.

At the same time, graffiti art on London Underground trains generated some interest in the media and arts, leading to several art galleries putting on exhibitions of some of the art work on canvass of a few London train writers as well as TV documentaries on London hip hop culture like the BBC's Bad Meaning Goodwhich included a section featuring interviews with London train writers and a few examples of their pieces.

While many early rappers from the UK, such as Derek Bimitated the styles and accents of their US heroes, there were many who realised that to merely transpose US forms would rob UK hip-hop of the ability to speak for a disenfranchised British constituency in the way that US hip-hop so successfully spoke to, and for, its audience.

Top 100 old-school hip-hop songs.

Attempts were made by UK rappers to develop styles more obviously rooted in British linguistic practices — Rodney P of the London Posse deliberately chose a London accent — although many succeeded only in adopting a slurred hybrid that located the rap "somewhere in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean".

The first UK record label devoted to releasing UK hip hop acts was founded in He even collaborated with Public Enemy on his album Bullet from a Gun [22] and was the first British rapper to appear on Top of the Pops. Another successful British hip-hop artist that emerged from Music of Life was Asher Dwhose Jamaican origins showed through in his vocal style.

Moving away from its US roots, British hip hop started to develop its own sounds: acts like HijackII Tone CommitteeHardnoiseand Silver Bullet developed a fast and hardcore style, while many other acts took influences from elsewhere.

InRapski released "The Connection" [31] on 12". More was to come in the early s in the form of MC Reason a. A mindset began to develop — typified by the Gunshot tune "No Sell Out"or Son of Noise 's "Poor But Hardcore" — that distrusted successful artists who did not utilise the hardcore style most associated with the scene.

Silver Bullet 's chart success was applauded due to an uncompromisingly rapid delivery, whereas Derek B and Rebel MC were scorned when their more pop influenced styles earned them success. Such artists were often branded "sell outs". As the scene grew, it became less common for British rappers to imitate US accents those who did were often ridiculed and British rap became more assured of its identity.

Hip Hop Connection — the first major British hip hop magazine — was founded in and by the early s the British hip hop scene seemed to be thriving. Birmingham and the West Midlands gave rise to Credit to the Nationwhose MC Fusion would espouse conscious anti-racist, sexist and homophobic lyrics. The band would also find some brief mainstream success with their indie rock crossover sound. Bristol's scene has a long history going right back to the early '80s where links were made with outfits from New York.There are various explanations for the source of the term hip-hop.

While a number of people were influential in the creation of hip-hop, much credit is given to Kool Herc Clive Campbella Jamaican immigrant who was the first major hip-hop disc jockey.

At a Bronx party on August 11,he introduced the technique of playing the same album on two turntables and extending the drum section which became known as the breakbeat. Many recognize this night as the birth of hip-hop. Other pioneering hip-hop deejays include Afrika Bambaataa and Grandmaster Flash. Within weeks of its release, it became a chart-topping phenomenon and gave its name to a new genre of pop music.

Part of its crossover appeal was attributed to its lighthearted lyrics, which were atypical of most rap songs at the time. Hip-hop originated in the predominantly African American economically depressed South Bronx section of New York City in the late s. Graffiti and break dancingthe aspects of the culture that first caught public attention, had the least lasting effect. Soon, influential art dealers in the United States, Europe, and Japan were displaying graffiti in major galleries.

The beginnings of the dancing, rapping, and deejaying components of hip-hop were bound together by the shared environment in which these art forms evolved. The first major hip-hop deejay was DJ Kool Herc Clive Campbellan year-old immigrant who introduced the huge sound systems of his native Jamaica to inner-city parties. Using two turntables, he melded percussive fragments from older records with popular dance songs to create a continuous flow of music.

The Best '80s Rappers

Kool Herc and other pioneering hip-hop deejays such as Grand Wizard Theodore, Afrika Bambaataa, and Grandmaster Flash isolated and extended the break beat the part of a dance record where all sounds but the drums drop outstimulating improvisational dancing. Contests developed in which the best dancers created break dancing, a style with a repertoire of acrobatic and occasionally airborne moves, including gravity-defying headspins and backspins.

In the meantime, deejays developed new techniques for turntable manipulation. Needle dropping, created by Grandmaster Flash, prolonged short drum breaks by playing two copies of a record simultaneously and moving the needle on one turntable back to the start of the break while the other played. Other influences cited include the hipster-jive announcing styles of s rhythm-and-blues deejays such as Jocko Henderson ; the black power poetry of Amiri BarakaGil Scott-Heronand the Last Poets; rapping sections in recordings by Isaac Hayes and George Clinton; and the Jamaican style of rhythmized speech known as toasting.

Within weeks of its release, it had become a chart-topping phenomenon and given its name to a new genre of pop music. Article Media. Info Print Print. Table Of Contents. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback.

Introduction Origins and the old school The new school Hip-hop in the 21st century. Hip-hop music and cultural movement. See Article History. Top Questions.

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Read more below: Origins and the old school. Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five. Get exclusive access to content from our First Edition with your subscription. Subscribe today. Load Next Page. More About. Articles from Britannica Encyclopedias for elementary and high school students.Rap music has always existed as an element of Hip Hop since the culture's birth in the early s. The first rappers called MCs would rap over funk, reggae, dub, soul, and disco beats and would hold spontaneous rhyming battles that were meant to verbally attack an opponent called "freestyles" freestyling and flowing were words used to describe the impromptu vocal delivery.

This list targets critical Hip Hop records during the old school era roughly before the revolution of "cut-n-paste" music and Run-D. Knowledge and understanding and respect for Hip Hop and its roots are vital. Authored By: Jeff B. Last Updated: Important artists such as Kurtis Blow and Grandmaster Flash also begin their careers, and some of the first socio-political-conscious records arise on the Paul Winley label through chiefly Tanya Winley.

Philadelphia's legendary radio personality Lady B becomes the first female rapper to have a record, and Steve Gordon's "Take My Rap" is considered to be the first white rap record. Rhymin' and Rappin' - Paulette and Tanya Winley Lady D - Lady D Rhapazooty in Blue - Sickle Cell and Rhapazooty Spiderap - Ron Hunt This is Kurtis Blow's year.

He becomes the first rapper signed to a major record label, Mercury Records, where his song "The Breaks" becomes a certified gold record.

He is the first to release a Hip Hop album, to embark on a Hip Hop tour, to be featured on television "Soul Train" in Octoberand the first to give rap mainstream marketability he also opened up for The Commodores and Bob Marley on tour. Casper has the first rap record in Chicago, and The Sequence become the first all-female rap crew on record.

80s hip hop

Death Mix - Afrika Bambaataa Spoonin' Rap - Spoonie Gee Body Rock - The Treacherous Three Vicious Rap - Tanya Winley Another great year for Hip Hop.Most Popular channels. Happy StayInSaturday. Jazz Appreciation Month feature: Jazzy Weekend. You must enable JavaScript to use AccuRadio. AccuRadio takes advantage of the latest technologies to provide you with the best experience. Please enable JavaScript in your browser settings, then refresh this page to continue.

Listen to the best free hip hop and rap radio on the Internet, all with unlimited skips. Choose your favorites from over a dozen stations and listen now! Log in. Sign up. My Account. My Channels. Sign Up Already signed up? Hip Hop. From the old school to today, our collection of Hip Hop channels gives you the choice to listen to today's top hits or the classic rap anthems of yesteryear.

The choice is yours! Featured Channel. Keep the drinks on ice and the burgers flippin' with these classic hip-hop jams. The Beasties sampled lots of tasty tracks, and we're playing tons of 'em.

80s hip hop

Classic joints in Hip-Hop history sprinkled with the sound of today. Down South is keepin it hot - with T. Whoop whoop! Chillhop, instrumental. Study, focus, or just lay back and chill. Edgy tales from the street No radio edits or clean cuts! Please rate song:. Ban artist Ban song. Channel settings Rename channel. View rated songs View song history. Account settings Themes Sign out.

Blend in this channel? Would you like to blend into? You'll hear a mix of music from both channels! Blend in No thanks.The eighties: the decade in which Hip Hop grew from a local phenomenon into a major worldwide musical and cultural force. From then on, Hip Hop quickly started spreading throughout the world. Below you will find classic s Hip Hop songs. Are your favorites missing? Share your opinions in the comments! Perhaps the most important song in Hip Hop history.

80's: Hip Hop Hits

This beat. These lyrics. Also, check out the original Rock The Bells version which did not appear on the Radio album. We agree.

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This is what an opening track should be like. Rakim immediately sets the tone for the rest of the album and his career with this brilliant song. Filled with Hip Hop Quotables, this song addresses the commercialization of Hip Hop and the rise of wack and fake rappers. Over 30 years old and more relevant today than ever. This has to be one of the most impactful songs Public Enemy ever did, and that is saying something. Hard-hitting lyrics, perfect instrumental — this is Public Enemy at its best.

It left no room for doubt about where Hip Hop originated nor who reigned supreme. An all-time classic Hip Hop anthem.

"Back In Time" 80's/90's Hip Hop Songs Mix #1

Talk about a classic Hip Hop song. One of the first real Gangsta Rap albums, going multi-platinum without any radio play. It influenced and changed the direction of Hip Hop, producing countless clones for decades to come. The album is a super classic and this title track the perfect opening salvo. Kurtis Blow was the first rapper to sign a contract with a major record label. A hugely important and influential track. Just-Ice names everyone that matters — a real Hip Hop history lesson.

Produced by Marley Marlthis is another landmark Hip Hop song. The opening bars are among the most quoted in Hip Hop and the production is supremely creative and diverse.

An enticing introduction to the album that would come out the following year and would turn out to be one of the biggest classics in Hip Hop history.

Where most gangsta rappers accomplish nothing but making themselves look like tough-guy posturing, gun-toting idiots, Ice T did it RIGHT. He always combined authenticity with humor, displaying calm confidence without the need to prove anything. This is a classic single from the first Hip Hop group ever to get a record deal. Also, this is the first group with a female rapper to record a single.

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Hugely influential, this is an all-time classic by Philly legend Schoolly D. Just one of the classic tracks of Criminal Minded. The bass-line and reverse beat on this song are just crazy. Pure genius. Classic beat, classic rhymes, classic hook. A super innovative and absolute classic track. One of the most controversial songs in Hip Hop ever? The sad thing is that in the more than 30 years since this song was recorded nothing has changed….But it was in the s that hip-hop went from having a small cult following on the East Coast to being a huge international phenomenon.

Released inthis song compilation spans and makes East Coast rap its main focus. What Does It Mean? AllMusic relies heavily on JavaScript. Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully.

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